Cambriel is a demon named in the Ars Theurgia who is tied to specific hours and minutes of the day. He can only appear during the eighth portion of the day, when the day has been measured out into fifteen portions of time. Holding the rank of duke, Cambriel has two thousand two hundred lesser spirits beneath him. He is a servant of the demonking Icosiel. He is, for some reason, especially attracted to houses and will most often manifest there.

Source : The Dictionary of Demons written by Michelle Belanger.

Cambriel Demon

Cambriel In the Theurgia Goetia, the second book of the Lemegeton, Cambriel is named as one of the fifteen Duke SERVITORS OF ICOSIEL. An AERIAL DEVIL who may be summoned any time of the day or night, Cambriel commands 2,200 servitors. Good-natured and willing to obey his summoner, he will do exactly what is asked of him. Cambriel is most easily summoned from inside a house, as he is fond of them. He has dominion over the planet Mars.


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From the: Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures – Written by Theresa Bane

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