Excalibur: Sex Magic for Men – Amado Crowley

Excalibur: Sex Magic for Men - Amado CrowleyAimed at a more general readership, ‘Excalibur: Sex Magic for Men’ gives advice on a primary issue for all of us. The book deals with men’s sexuality, men’s problems and offers practical, magical advice how you can sort out any problems of your own.

It is divided into three main sections, covering:

…sex and sex problems,
…a practical grounding in the background and practice of magic,
…a collection of recipes from which you can select the procedures most suitable for your own case.

The book contains:

…Several original illustrations by the author

…over 100 pages of insight, advice … and humour!

…20 recipes for practical magical self help.

As a professional psychologist and Occult Master for over 5 decades, Amado Crowley knew what he was writing about!

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Excalibur: Sex Magic for Men - Amado Crowley
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