Finnish Mythology

Finnish religious leaders were usually called shamans. The shamans did magick, conjuration, incantations and spells to control men, animals, divine or Demonic entities and inanimate beings. It was a privilege to be a shaman. Only the highest grade of sorcerer was allowed to use a drum and raise spirits.

The Finno-Ugric races honored acestors, worshpped a variety of spirits and believed firmly in magick and sorcery. They believed in personal and Nature gods. Ilmatar was viewed as a Creator Goddess while Mielikki was called Mistress of the Forest. Ancient chants still used among the Finns call upon the spirits of Nature for help. Wild forst animals were considered the herds and property of teh woodland God Tapio and his gorgeous wife. Because of this, before any hunt, prayers and offerings had to be given. If a bear were killed, the hunter would ask for forgiveness of the dead bear and ask its spirit to join in the feast and celebration.