Foxwood, Orion

Orion Foxwood
Orion Foxwood

Orion Foxwood is a Wiccan, author and cunning man in the Faery Faith. Orion Foxwood is founder of the Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion, a legal church in Maryland dedicated to the Elder Gods. He is well known for his teachings in Wicca, ritual, practical Magic and psychic development and the Faery Faith, a spiritual path of seership attunement with the faery realm.

Foxwood holds a master of human services degree from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and a doctor of divinity degree from Ravenwood Church and Seminary of the Old Religion, Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia. He is trained in transactional analysis. He works as a licensed professional counsellor and hypnotherapist, specializing in chemical dependency, AIDS and AIDS education and public health. Foxwood also works as a spiritual counsellor, especially for life passages and grief and loss.

Foxwood is a high priest in Celtic/Traditional and Alexandrian Wicca as well as a priest in the Welsh Cymric Tradition. At Foxwood Temple, he teaches an oathbound and initiatory tradition. He is the elder and teacher to the groves and covens around the United States who have received their Wiccan lineage from him. Foxwood has studied with R. J. Stewart and the Lady Circe, a hereditary witch and founder of Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Wicca in Toledo, Ohio.

With Lady Circe, he established the Alliance of the Old Religion (AOTOR), a network of traditional covens and elders in the Craft that draw lineage from Lady Circe. The Alliance membership includes elders in eight states. Lady Circe named three mantle carriers: Foxwood (Lord Orion); Lady Meshalamthea of Toledo, Ohio; and Lord Malachi of Kewadin, Michigan.

Lady Circe, who died in 2004, is the Queen of Foxwood Temple lineage. Foxwood founded Foxwood Temple in 1990. The curriculum is a syncretic Mystery tradition, drawing from teachings, lore, and practices from Prytani Celtic, Strega, Alexandrian Wicca, Faery and Southern Conjure traditions. These are blended together into a unified spiritual path, Traditional Witchcraft or “The Old Religion.”

The tradition emphasizes service to the divine through participation in sacred work, honouring of and communion with ancestors of the past, present, and future and adherence to a strict ethical code. The Faery Faith teachings focus on re-attunement to the spirits of the land, sea, wind, flame, human ancestry and the Elder race, known as the Faery.

The attunement is achieved through the application of age-old lore, techniques, folk practices, inner contacts and wisdom of Faery Seership. Foxwood was the co-director of the Moonridge Center, a land-based nature sanctuary and mystical educational centre located near Beltsville, Maryland.

He also co-founded the Amber Web, an Internet spiritual resource for men. Foxwood lectures widely. He is the author of The Faery Teachings (2003; 2007) and The Tree of Enchantment: Wisdom of Faery Seership (2008).


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