Also known as:

Hag Grid




Jotun, Frost Giant

Grid is an unusual Frost Giant if only because she’s friendly toward the Aesir spirits. In hermost famous myth, she rescues Thor from certain doom. Having been convinced to visit the hostile Jotun, Geirrod, without his magic hammer, belt, and iron gauntlets, Thor stops to spend the night at Grid’s hall. She perceives his danger, although he does not. Grid instructs and cautions Thor, insisting that he take her own pair of iron gloves and her unbreakable shield and girdle of might. Thor survives because of her. She is a goddess of caution and forethought. Grid is the mother of Odin’s son, Vidar, destined to avenge his father at Ragnarok.

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Aesir; Jotun; Odin; Thor

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