Gunlod – Mother of Poetry

Troll queen, Gunlod, was the guardian of the Mead of Poetry, which bestowed poetic skill. After Odin had acquired all the secrets, wisdom, and memory of the Nine Worlds, the Mead of Poetry was the one thing he lacked. He determined to obtain it as he perceived being a poet to be as significant as being a warrior or mage. This precious mead was hoarded beneath a mountain and guarded by Gunlod. It was an important job, but she was bored. After various risky escapades, Odin transformed into a snake and sneaked into the mountain stronghold, where he transformed back into a man and charmed and seduced her. Odin stayed with her for three days, drinking a barrel of mead each day. On the fourth day, he changed back into a snake, slithered out of the mountain, then transformed into an eagle and, in full possession of the mead, flew away. (From thence, poetry was known as “Odin’s gift.”) Odin left more than memories behind: during their brief rendezvous, Gunlod conceived Bragi, eventually Lord of Poetry.

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  • Bragi;
  • Odin


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