Haunted Florida

Approach of the Orange Avenue Bridge - Daytona Beach

Approach of the Orange Avenue Bridge – Daytona Beach

On the northeast side of the Orange Avenue Bridge, just at the bridge approach, there have been many reports of ...
Captain Tony's Saloon - Key West

Captain Tony’s Saloon – Key West

Built in 1933, Captain Tony’s was the original “Sloppy Joe’s” in Key West and is said to have been frequented ...
King House - Mayport

King House – Mayport

King House was originally built on an old Spanish graveyard and was used as a boarding house for sailors. It ...
Marrero's Guest Mansion - Key West

Marrero’s Guest Mansion – Key West

The magic of Marrero’s Guest Mansion can be felt the minute you pass through its double front doors. This is ...
Nichols Creek Road - Milton

Nichols Creek Road – Milton

On a piece of property in the Nichols Lake area of East Milton lie some very haunted grounds. Since Michael ...
Pilgrims Rest Cemetery

Pilgrims Rest Cemetery

This image was taken at Pilgrims Rest Cemetery in Ormond Beach, Florida. After doing background research, the Daytona Beach Paranormal ...
Riddle House - Yesteryear Village

Riddle House – Yesteryear Village

Something or someone in the Riddle House, a historic Victorian painted lady built in 1905, doesn’t like men. Dangerous ghostly ...