Huebner, Louise

Louise Huebner, “The Official Witch of Los Angeles.” Louise Huebner made a media splash in the late 1960s and early 1970s with various antics and spells for sexual energy. Huebner, who claimed to be a hereditary witch, wrote two books and made one record, all with a somewhat tongue-in-cheek tone, which portrayed witches as mean, capricious and orgiastic individuals. They included statements such as the following:

  • “And as a witch, I can be a lot meaner than I could have been if I were Jeanne Dixon”;
  • “I always giggle when I’m excited. It’s part of being a witch”;
  • “Enchanters need orgies. The orgies will help you generate the electrical and magnetic impulses you will need to cast spells.”

According to Huebner, her mother knew she was “different” by the time she was five. Her grandmother was a fortune-teller, and Huebner began practicing fortunetelling at age 10 by reading palms.

In Los Angeles, Huebner established herself as an astrologer and psychic. She authored a newspaper column and had her own horoscope radio show from 1965 to 1969. In 1968 Los Angeles County Supervisor Eugene Debs named her “The Official Witch of Los Angeles” in connection with a Folk Day “happening” at Hollywood Bowl. Huebner, dressed in a long silver robe, passed out red candles, chalk and garlic and led a mass ritual to cast a spell over Los Angeles County to raise its “romantic and emotional vitality.”

The spell consisted of an incantation: “Light the flame/Bright the fire/red is the color of desire.”

When Huebner began using the “Official Witch” appellation to promote herself, Los Angeles County attempted to stop her from doing so, stating that the title was intended for Folk Day only. Huebner called a press conference and threatened to “despell” Los Angeles County.

In the ensuing publicity, the county dropped the matter. Huebner made numerous radio and television appearances around the country. She dressed in black and carried about a pet black beetle, Sandoz. She also kept a rat and a cat. In 1970 she went to Salem, Massachusetts, where she was received by mayor Samuel E. Zoll, who gave her a broom inscribed, “may your ride be long and enjoyable.”

Huebner was quoted by the press as stating the reason for her visit was to forgive Salem “for what they did to those people who were not witches” in Colonial times. Huebner’s books are Power Through Witchcraft (1969); Never Strike a Happy Medium (1971). Her record is Moon Magic: A Witch’s Guide to Spells, Charms and Enchantments (1972); Magical Creatures: The Charming and Mystical Powers of Brownies, Elves, Fairies, Gnomes, Pixies, Sprites and Demons (1972); Superstitions: A Witchy Collection of Beliefs About Love, Money, Weather and Much More (1972); Love Spells from A to Z: Witchy Spells for Brewing Up Romance (1972); Magical Candles, Enchanted Plants ad Powerful Gems: Their Meanings and Uses in the Wild World of Witchcraft (1972); Your Lucky Numbers: A Witch’s Secrets to Your Personality, Feelings and Relationships Through Numerology (1972); Magic Sleep: A Witch’s Interpretation of Your Dreams (1972); In the Palm of Your Hand: Your Personality and Future in a Witchy Guide to Palmistry (1972); Your Future—It’s in the Cards: A Witch’s Bewitching Scheme Using Standard Playing Cards (1972); Seduction Through Witchcraft.

Huebner’s husband, mentor, died on march 19, 2001. mentor was an artist who worked on about 250 films and on the designs of theme parks around the world.


The Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca – written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley – Copyright © 1989, 1999, 2008 by Visionary Living, Inc.

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