Meow Mix – Ghost Story

When my boyfriend and I first moved to Seattle, we rented a studio cottage apartment on Seattle's south side. Wasn't a great neighborhood, but it was cheap enough. Also, it was a nice little complex of cottages, on the ground level, with flowers and grass. Planting your own garden in your front yard was allowed as well, so it wasn't so bad. The complex had once been a retirement community, and gradually it was turned into regular apartments.

There was this cat that kept coming around. It loved to come inside the apartment. It had its favourite spots to lay in, as if it had been there before. About the time the cat started showing up, we started hearing what sounded like a woman moaning. It was very faint at first, and we though that maybe it was just the neighbors.

Then our neighbors moved. The moans continued, and got louder.

It was kind of creepy, but the idea that the apartment might be haunted was at the same time exciting. We didn't tell anyone about the moaning, because we wanted to be sure that it wasn't just the pipes or some other mundane thing. We wanted to be sure that it was something more. It wasn't long before we got our proof. Furniture started moving by itself. It was very slight, but there were a few times when I actually saw chairs move. We would draw in crayon circles around the legs of the chairs in the kitchen to see if we weren't just seeing things, and a few minutes later, we'd check the chairs to find that they had moved right out of the circle.

Then one day, my boyfriend was home by himself with the cat, which had gotten into a fight and had had his foot badly hurt by another cat. He was on the couch holding the cat, trying to get a look at the injured foot. The cat obviously didn't like being held at that moment, and was trying to get his foot away, meowing loudly in the process. Then the moaning started.

From the back of the apartment, the voice of a lady started wailing “nooo” very loudly, and whatever was back there had picked up a large beach towel hanging in the bathroom and had thrown it into the kitchen and knocked other various items around the bathroom. Needless to say, my boyfriend let the cat go and the voice stopped.

We had a hunch that the cat had belonged to someone that had lived there before, and probably died there, too. We had been getting mail for someone named Alice for quite some time, so we figured it was her.

A couple of months later, I was talking to a neighbor, and I asked her about who lived there before we did. She said that an old lady did, and the old lady had eight cats. One day, the old lady was gone, and the management just turned her cats loose, and the one that we were taking care of was her favourite and was the only one that stuck around after the lady was gone. Whether or not she had died, my neighbor wasn't sure. She was just sure that the lady was gone abruptly.

We lived there for a few months more, and the moaning continued, but it was getting fainter. We even had a few ghostly sightings. Something akin to a floating, dancing white rope. By the time we moved to a bigger apartment in the same complex, all the activity had stopped. We think that maybe the ghost believed the cat was being taken care of to her satisfaction so she left.

When we moved to our new apartment, we didn't know that within that year, a young man had passed away for no reason in that very apartment, and yes, we've had experiences,

and YES,




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