The Nereids are the fifty beautiful daughters of sea spirit Nereus. The most famous are Amphitrite, Galatea, and Thetis, but other sisters were also beloved, venerated, and well-known.

Nereids are generally benevolent toward people. Although famous for their lovely voices, they do not use them to lure travellers to their doom (or at least not very often and certainly not randomly). Nereids were never trivial spirits but important, powerful goddesses. Shrines and altars were erected to them throughout coastal Greece.

The Nereids are spirits of magic and smithcraft. They provided Hephaestus with his first forge, so they already knew about metalworking. According to legend, the Nereids were the first to reveal the Mysteries of Persephone and Dionysus to people. Nereids possess the power to soothe or agitate ocean waters. They are invoked to protect travellers on the sea. Nereids can travel anywhere they wish on sea or land, but their primary stomping grounds are the waters of the Aegean, where they live in undersea caves.




The Nereids may appear in the guise of women or mermaids.


Nereids ride dolphins, giant crabs, hippocampi, and sea creatures of all kinds.


Jewelry, ornaments, golden spindles, things that sparkle and glitter

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