A Nun Student – Ghost Story


16 July 1998

Story written by Michelle

Edited by Will Ong

This story happened in one the convents in Singapore. The school was built in 1854 and went through a series of major events such as the World War II, which shook the lives of those staying in the colonial-style building. The passage of years has seen quite a number of renowned figures in Malayan and Singaporean history passed through this institute. Among them, the late David Marshall and war heroine, Elizabeth Choy.

One memorable story has it that a young teacher was giving a lesson and noticed a nun, dressed in black, sitting at the back of the class listening intently to her lesson.

Being relatively new at teaching, she paid little heed to the stranger at the back but instead continued with her lesson. She was no doubt uncomfortable this all the while but when the class ended, however, she noticed that the nun was gone and heaved a sigh of relief.

She continued marking her students' books when she noticed the ends of her hair standing up. She happened to look up at the ceiling at one point and was shocked at what she saw.

The nun was sitting on one of the blades of a slowly rotating ceiling fan and looking down at the young teacher.



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