Old Omnibus Pub, Liverpool – Ghost Story

The first one occurred in a pub called the Old Omnibus, Old Swan, Liverpool, not too far from the city centre. The pub was divided into two separate rooms with the serving bar in-between. So my bandmate and I were facing the now empty second room since we were leaning against the bar speaking to the tenants.

We were then startled to see a man in a brown leather jacket and jeans, calmly appear from the empty room, walk into the bar serving area and then into an adjoining room located at the side of the bar. Since the landlord and his good wife were facing us at the time they saw none of this.

We quickly brought this too their attention thinking that maybe a drunk had stayed behind unnoticed and was wandering around the building. They were surprised at this since they said they always carefully checked the place was empty and even more surprised that he had entered that particular doorway.

They let us go behind the bar to check in the room we said that he had entered, and on opening the door saw only a storeroom with no exits..not even a window!!!

This is a true story.

This story was related to me by e-mail from Paul.



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