The Practitioners of Black Magick

Black Magick means extreme power. This power is the result of a science that encompasses the human being as a whole. It deals with the human being as he or she stands in life rather than building its principles upon the well-known rather weak basis of ideals and religious dogma.
For this reason Black Magick involves knowing your own nature and the nature of the universe at large. This extraordinary knowledge can be a decisive help for you to reach the goals and to achieve the change that you desire in your life.

This change is always under YOUR control. It is not under control of any deity, invisible playmate, or of any other being above the clouds or below ground.

Naturally this means that, as a Black Magician, you are very honest towards yourself and towards others with whom you are interacting as a human being. This puts you in sharp contrast with the typical New Ager or White Lighter with shark’s teeth.

As a Black Magician, you are well aware that the human being does not end with the surface of the skin. The interaction of the true Black Magician with his or her environment is an overall positive one, and this attitude is a direct result of an honesty that is genuine, self-rooted, and self-generated rather than enforced by vested interests, religious, economic or other.

Black Magicians know themselves to be gods. They act accordingly. This means that Black Magick is not for the irresponsible. It is definitely not at all for the weak, because accepting weakness is accepting irresponsibility!

Therefore, whenever you have a burning desire within to gain power and control of people, money, sex, and life itself, Black Magick can be your fastest help to achieve success!

Black Magicians do not worship any force in the universe. They control it. They do not bow to anything or anyone! Therefore, if you feel that you need to lean on something, this site is certainly not for you!

Black Magicians are the powerful, they are the proud and they are the resourceful in our universe.

Therefore they are not religionists of any kind! For the Black Magician, religion and gods are forms of energy. They are here to be used selectively by the magician as a means of taking control.

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