The Slumber Party Séance

The Slumber Party Séance By Sirona Knight On my 11th birthday, I had a slumber party. Being born at Samhain, I always had parties with a Halloween theme. Six of my best friends and I stretched out our sleeping bags on the living room floor in front of our huge granite stone fireplace. The fire kept the room warm while we ate chocolate cake and ice cream and talked— about boys of course! We talked for about two hours, finished the cake, and had started in on the potato chips. We put another log on the fire, and then turned off the lights. We all sat there watching the fire flames for a few minutes. There was mystery and intrigue in the air. I thought it would be fun to do a Séance. There were seven willing participants, and after all, it was the night after Halloween. Everyone was totally into it, so we joined our hands together, Séance style. The whole idea was to talk with a ghost. We just wanted to keep it simple, talk with someone that had passed over, to ask what it was like. We sat together with our hands joined, eyes open, in the relative dark. The flames from the fireplace created a perfect backdrop to the experience. I suggested that we say something like, “Please spirit show yourself and talk with us.” So we all kept repeating the words, “Spirit, show yourself and talk with us.” We did this for about five minutes, and then a face suddenly appeared by the living room window—not outside of the window, but inside the window, in the room with us! Two friends and myself saw the face immediately and just gasped, held our breath, and tightened our grip on one another’s hands. It was just a face without a body, a man’s face, from the neck up. It looked like a holograph, filled with whiteyellow light, but in constant motion. The face itself reminded me of a statue of a Greek god. The man’s face kept moving, opening and closing his mouth, as if he were trying to say something. He wasn’t frightening, just unnerving. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck and all over my arms stand on end. It felt like I had put my finger into the proverbial light socket.
A Witch’s Guide to Ghosts and the Supernatural
As soon as the others turned around to see the face, they started screaming, got up, and ran outside into the front yard. I told them to stop screaming because I didn’t want my parents to get uptight. Besides, I was very curious about what had materialized. Where did it come from? Who was it? Did he want to tell us something? Was it something important? I had a lot of pressing questions for the face! Everyone finally quieted down, but did not want to go back into the house. We sat outside for about 15 minutes, but it was too cold to stay out long, so we all went back inside. We talked for a while about the face, and then watched television. As we fell asleep, the face appeared once more, and then disappeared again. No one was able to sleep very well that night, but I will always remember the slumber party Séance on my 11th birthday. And I will always wonder about the face we all clearly saw on that crisp November night. [Sirona Knight is a Third Degree Craftmaster and High Priestess of the Celtic Gwyddonic Druid Tradition. She is a contributing editor for Magical Blend magazine and the author of a number of books on Celtic spirituality, magick, and Wicca, including Celtic Traditions, Dream Magic, The Pocket Guide to Crystals and Gemstones, The Wiccan Spell Kit, and A Witch Like Me. Her Website is:]

From : A Witch's Guide to Ghosts and the Supernatural – By Gerina Dunwich