Terror of A Storm – Ghost Story

If you live in Platteville Wisconsin you have probably heard of the haunted house in the woods. Legend has it that a Kent (name changed) family lived in this house a long time ago. The Kents had two young kids named Jamie and Lance.

One night there was a big storm. Mr and Mrs Kent were in the living room reading the newspaper. Lance and Jamie were sleeping. All of the sudden, lightning lit up the sky and Lance and Jamie started crying. Mrs Kent went up stairs to check on them. However, when she opened the door, the kids weren't there. She could still hear them crying. Terrified, Mrs. Kent ran downstairs to tell her husband what happened. As she was running down, she realised that the cries did not come from inside the house. So, Mr. and Mrs. Kent looked out the window and saw their children outside. They were standing in the front yard and crying under the rain.

Shocked and yet confused at what happened, they ran outside to get Lance and Jamie. When they got to the kids, they noticed that they weren't wet. It was still pouring outside but the kids had a huge bubble covering them. That kept them from getting wet. As Mr and Mrs Kent rushed towards them, they suddenly vanished into thin air.

Mr and Mrs Kent were deeply affected by what happened that night. Although sadden by their children's lost, they continued to live in the house. Nevertheless, they often heard cries of their children in the walls of the house. Later, they decided they couldn't take it anymore, so they finally moved out of the house that caused them so much pain.

Written By B.99 of Platteville Wisconsin