The Silent One



Vidar is the son of Odin and the frost giant Grid. Although technically considered a Jotun, he is closely allied with the Aesir, his father’s clan of spirits, and lives among them in Asgard. It is Vidar’s destiny to avenge his father’s demise at the final Battle of Ragnarok. Vidar is the opponent and slayer of the Fenris Wolf. Vidar and his half-brother Vali are among those few who are destined to survive Ragnarok and serve as rulers of the new world.

Grid fashioned special shoes for Vidar from the scraps of leather that cobblers save when they make all the other shoes on Earth. He wore these shoes at the battle of Ragnarok; allegedly these shoes enabled him to slay the Fenris Wolf and survive.


A huge, silent, powerful man described as being second in strength only to Thor


Thick-soled shoes

Realm: Vidar’s hall in Asgard is called Vidi.


He likes to drink; he likes to eat. He’s a giant—that’s all you need to know about his appetite. In addition, when your shoes wear out, rip off the soles or any bits of leather and offer them to him. After a little while, discard in the trash.

See Also:

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