Black Magick Manifesto

Black Magick ManifestoManifestum Infernalis vel Manifestum Magiae Atrae

(infernal manifesto or Black Magick manifesto)

1. You are free to understand the zero as a balance of forces rather than as a nothing. Therefore the most simple manifestation of creation is in pairs, but there are also more complex forms of creation, more complex forms of the zero.

2. You are free to understand the infernal power as encompassing all manifestation of creation. Therefore it does not dwell on one sided manifestations alone such as positive-constructive, and negative-destructive.

3. You are free to understand death, devil, and deities, as fictitious. They have no life of their own outside the perception of the living being. The same holds for space, time, and other phenomena of nature that you experience, There are more objective realities than living beings in the universe.

4. You are free to know that you are the creator of your universe, and act accordingly.

5. You are free not to worship nor lean on anyone or anything. Conversely you are free to worship or lean on anyone or anything, if this is your desire for whatever reason ever, even to temporarily forfeit your powers as a creator.

6. You are free to use the forces of the universe in whichever way you desire and to create forces of the universe at your liking.

7. All species of the universe biologically evolve into their specific ways in which individuals that belong to this species are interacting with each other and with their environment. This framework of biological rules of interaction has no validity beyond the confines of the species to which the individual belongs. The individual is totally free to decide which ones of these rules it will accept and follow.

8. Socio-economic rules of groups (societies) within a species that are forced upon individuals in the guise of ethical or moral values have no validity beyond the sphere of influence of the society that formulates them. It is totally up to the individual to decide if it wants to follow these rules or not, if he or she considers such rules as being ethical or unethical.

9. You are responsible only to yourself. Therefore you are the only moral judge of your actions. You may or may not accept artificially created codes of ethics as formulated by societies or biologically evolved ways of conduct within a species. Therefore you decide which way you want to go.

10. Before you act in any way, you are free to consider the consequences of your actions in the largest possible context.

Copyright – OAI, Marietta, GA

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