Blood – Ghost Story


20 March 1998

Story by Desiree Koh of Singapore

Edited by Will Ong

Two young women went to the cinema one day to watch a movie. Somewhere in the middle of it, one of them had to go to the bathroom. She asked her friend to accompany her, and because her friend didn't want to miss any part of the movie, she stood by the door as her friend went it (the bathroom was adjacent to the theatre, and was accessible from it).

The one who went in was having her period at that time, and after she was done, tossed her soiled pad in the direction of the bin, but missed. It fell on the floor next to the bin, and she didn't bother to pick it up. As she washed her hands, she sensed a presence, and instinctively turned in the direction of it. She saw an old woman squatting next to the bin, the soiled pad in her hands, licking the blood off of it. Naturally, she was startled and ran out. She told her friend, and dragged her in when the latter didn't believe her. Naturally, the friend didn't see anything, and told her she was seeing things.

A few months later, the girl who went into the bathroom fell sick, and when she went to the doctor, was diagnosed with leukaemia. The consensus is that the entity she saw licking her blood was essentially 'licking' her life away. You see, leukaemia has blood reference, something like that.

I'm sorry if some of you found that story in bad taste. I just remember it scaring me a lot, and it has also kept me out of cinema bathrooms ever since.

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