Dance of the Deer Center for Shamanic Studies

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Dance of the Deer Center for Shamanic Studies – Established in 1979 by Brant Secunda, grandson of the Mexican Huichol (Wixáritari) shaman Don José Matsuwa, with the mission “to preserve the Huichol culture and its shamanic practices and traditions.” The center supports Secunda’s program of teaching Huichol shamanism throughout the world, including pilgrimages, vision quests, and conferences, in order to “reunite people to the source of all life in order to help heal the earth, our communities, and ourselves.” While there is a distinct New Age flavor to this discourse and the term vision quest is not indigenous to the Huichol, all financial profits go directly to the Huichol (although it is not stated to what extent Secunda and Don José’s family may personally benefit).


Historical Dictionary of Shamanism by Graham Harvey and Robert J. Wallis 2007


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