Driving Nightmare

Taxi drivers often have interesting ghost stories to tell. One of my relatives who owns a taxi company related his story to us. It has happened to one of his taxi drivers.

It was the wee hours of the night but Ambo was still on the road. He had wanted to earn the extra money he desperately needed. He had been driving around for almost an hour without any luck of a customer.

The sky was clear after a heavy rain. The air is cooling and everything seems so peaceful. Ambo was whistling to the tune on his radio as he drove around. Soon, he found himself driving along Balete Drive. The street is full of balete trees and is known to most locals as a haunted street.

Ambo couldn't care less as all he wanted now was just a paying passenger. Right ahead of him, a lady was seen waiting for a taxi. As Ambo approached, she waved for a ride.

She got in the car and Ambo asked where she wanted to go. However, she said she had no particular destination and asked Ambo to drive around until she could decide where she wanted to go.

After circling around the area for several minutes, they came to a junction. Ambo met his friend Oliver, a tricycle driver at the junction. Oliver tapped on his window and he looked petrified. At first, Ambo thought he needed help. He winded down his window and said, “Are you ok, Oliver?”

“Wellll, I am ok. Bbbbuut your passenger haass goooo-t nooo head, Ambo!”

“What?!” Ambo turned around as Oliver fled in his tricycle.

However, the girl is no longer behind.

By Joanne of Philippines



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