Duny, Amy

Amy Duny (17th century) A Connecticut nanny accused of cursing the infant under her care. Amy Duny was an old woman who worked for a woman named Dorothy Duent, taking care of her infant child. In 1682, Duent accused Duny of being a witch and cursing her baby by suckling it. Duent consulted a doctor who said he was an expert on breaking the Curses and spells of witches. His solution was to wrap the baby in a blanket and hang it over a fire, which would cause the witch's Familiar to fall out.

Duent did as ordered, hanging the wrapped infant over the fire in her hearth. The baby screamed in pain. Witnesses reported that a black toad fell out into the fire and burned up instantly, like a flash of gunpowder. According to reports, the baby was no longer cursed. No record exists of the fate of Duny.

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