Frigg – Well Beloved Lady

Frigg is a spirit of divination, fertility, matrimony, and childbirth. Her husband is Odin the Allfather, Leader of the Aesir. Her father is Fjorgin. The identity of her mother is unclear. It is also not entirely clear to which pantheon Frigg herself belongs: Aesir, Vanir, or other.

It can be very difficult to distinguish Frigg from Freya. Although clearly distinct spirits in Scandinavia, the two may have merged into one spirit in the German lands, although as so much information has been lost, suppressed, and garbled, it’s now impossible to definitively determine. Ironically, because Christian authorities despised Freya so intensely, more lucid, substantial information regarding her and her traditions survive. Frigg is more elusive than Freya. Her primary surviving myths involve her identity as wife and mother. She battles Odin’sinfidelities and actively attempts to save their doomed son, Baldur.

Frigg knows every person’s destiny but will not reveal it. She is a spinning goddess associated with the Norns: she spins the thread they weave and cut. Frigg has powerful associations with mediumship. Quieter and less flamboyant than Freya, Frigga lives in the company of masters (Odin, Freya) and manages to hold her own.

She may be particularly sympathetic to those who have suffered the unspeakable tragedy of losing a child. Frigg is petitioned for fertility.

Also known as:

Frigga; Fricka; Saga

Favored people:

Women; mothers


She wears a belt from which keys hang, indicating her ability to unlock all doors, as well as her oracular power.






In traditional Norse cosmology, the constellation now popularly known as Orion’s belt was called Frigg’s distaff or spindle.


Mannaz, Pertho, Wunjo


Stork. (That old saw about storks delivering babies refers to Frigg.)


Frigg’s hall, Fensalir (“Marsh Hall”), is the after-death destination for happily married couples who can thus spend eternity together.

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