Harold the Scarecrow – Ghost Story

By Jen of Edmonton, USA

This happened a very long time ago on a farm in Edmonton.

Two brothers lived with their grandparents and everyday they had to work in the cornfields, but crows always crowded the corn, so the two brothers had to chase them away all the time.

One day, one of the brothers suggested that they should make a scarecrow, so they got to work. They named him 'Harold' after their old neighbour who died. The two boys laughed as they made Harold's black beady eyes and his evil grin. They set it up in the field and walked away, satisfied.

That night the two brothers were bothered by strange noises coming from outside. One of them joked, “It's Harold!” but after a while, they both fell asleep. The next morning, they found Harold leaning against their bedroom window. But they convinced each other that it was the wind.

This happened for the next three nights, and they woke up every morning to find Harold in different places. This began to give them the spooks.

One day, the two brothers were walking to the pasture to milk the cows when one of them said, “We forgot the milking stool!” None of them wanted to go back to the barn, for the cornfield was across from the barn, and Harold was in the cornfield. The older one finally said he'd do it and left. The younger brother waited at the pasture for about half an hour before he headed back in search for his brother. As he walked back, he worried himself about Harold. What if Harold got him? “Nah,” He told himself. As he neared the barn, he heard a thumping noise and looked up to the barn roof. And there was Harold, trotting around a dead, torn up body, drying it in the sun.



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