Haunted House – Ghost Story

When I was a kid, my family bought a second-hand house in Singapore. According to the neighbours, the previous owner rented the house out for a year but the tenant hardly spent a night in the house. In fact, we had to renovate the house before moving in as it was dark and gloomy, hence giving a eerie atmosphere inside.

One bright Saturday afternoon, I sat in my room reading a book. At the corner of my eyes, I noticed a head, all black and spooky, popping out from the door looking towards my direction. I looked up to take a clearer look but there was nothing there.

That night my mother had another experience, she saw a black figure on top of her head. She said that the thing was squeezing her head so hard as if it was trying to crack her head into two. She tried to shout for my father but her voice couldn't come out. She could not think of anything else except reciting holy words from the Koran. Thankfully, it disappeared almost instantly.

It didn't stop there. Usually, when I'm sitting in the living room I could feel and see from the corner of my eyes that there's a black figure passing through my bedroom to the kitchen or my parent bedroom. We had try to cleanse the house with all sorts of ways, including bomohs, chinese mediums, etc. but had to give up after 9 years and sold our house instead.

By Grey Eye of Singapore



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