Lamia of the Sea

Lamia of the Sea is an ominous sea spirit who roams the modern Greek coasts. It is not entirely clear whether she is the same as child-killing Lamia. She more closely resembles the Sirens. This Lamia is dangerous, too, but in different ways.

Lamia may be a mermaid or a woman who emerges from the sea. Sometimes she dances on the shore or on the waves. Sometimes she stands waist deep in water and sings beautiful, passionate love songs in a seductive voice. Men are drawn to her; they may not realize that she isn’t a mortal woman but if they yield to her allure, they’ll end up at the bottom of the sea. Antidote: stick a black-handled knife into the water to disarm her.

Lamia sometimes emerges from the water, usually in mermaid form, to inquire whether Alexander the Great yet lives. Tell her yes and you’ll be fine. Confirming his death enrages her and she’ll drown you.

Also known as:

Lamia of the Shore




A mermaid; a beautiful woman; a waterspout or whirlwind

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