A Master Grimoire of Oils, Herbs and Incenses: Their Magickal Uses and Formulas – Pat Kirven Sawyer

A Master Grimoire of Oils, Herbs and Incenses: Their  Magickal Uses and Formulas  – Pat Kirven SawyerThe Master Grimoire is the definitive magickal cookbook with thousands of recipes to keep cauldrons bubbling with delight. The is the definitive compendium of herbs, oils, and incenses for ritual ingredients, baths, tinctures, perfumes, sachets. Magickal applications include candle magick technique and annointing oil, powders, potions, floorwashes, talismans, charms and enchantments. A treasure trove from across time and across magickal paths including esoteric oral traditions and Mystery Schools. Remedies with origins as Druid, Enochian, Mayan, Gypsy, Santeria, Strega, Golden Dawn, Christian, Greek, Egyptian, Wiccan, Left Hand and more offer formulas for healing, hexing, manifestation, magnetism, banishing, protection, binding, love, sex, money, power, astral travel, divination, good fortune, legal matters, business, career, power, uncrossing, psychic vision and many more. Novelties, curios old and new. Secrets light and dark.

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