Naddaha, Al

Al Naddaha- The Caller

Al Naddaha literally means “the caller,” but the word is also translated as “Siren,” meaning a deadly mermaid. Al Naddaha, a spirit of the Nile, is an Egyptian urban legend. It is unclear exactly when she first emerged, but she became particularly notorious in the 1950s.

Al Naddaha mysteriously appears and calls to young men strolling by the Nile at night. Her voice is alluring like a traditional Siren’s. She may possess a hypnotic gaze. If men respond to her call, allegedly she drowns them. She causes no harm to those who do not approach but is an elusive, disturbing presence. It is unclear whether she is a spirit who lingers by the water (like Aisha Qandisha) or whether she actually lives in the water (like the Lorelei). Egyptian folklore classifies her among the Djinn.

Like La Llorona, al Naddaha has captured public imagination. In addition to being the subject of spine-tingling horror tales, Al Naddaha is the name of an Egyptian avant-garde literary journal as well as a novella by Egyptian author Yusuf Idris (1927–1991).




Al Naddaha manifests as a beautiful woman with long dark hair flowing down her back. Her skin is sometimes described as exceedingly white. Alternatively she is described as being semitransparent or as wearing a long, semitransparent, white dress (possibly similar to ancient Egyptian linen garb).

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