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Story 2

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When I was younger, I lived in a house on a culdisack in a newer area.

The house was ghost central. The place was bursting with paranormal activity. We had a weeping woman in black. A tall man who would appear and disappear within the walls, massive amounts of anonymous entities who would walk from the front room to my parents back bedroom wall and a female ghost, looked to have been about 18 to 20 years of age, in a full ball gown, who would appear in full form all the time.

We had footsteps, cold spots, a cat the would appear and dissapear.

Our own real cat who wouldn't step a foot in the house and hide in the garage until he finally ran away, and an old Indian in full dress who liked to watch me draw and do my lessons and watch my mother cook.

We also came to find out that we had a group of what turned out to be four darker entities who took delight in tormenting the family.

Red paint would appear on the walls, floors would be soaked, furniture moved, we would be shaken awake at all hours, feelings of dread would over come members of the family, personally I would not walk down the hall without a person and a light on after the crystal light cover over the hall light came off it's settings (6 massive screws) and struck me in the face scaring the bridge of my nose.

Now before you start discounting all this as the kids did it, you know pulling pranks, I was only 13 (and a wimpy 13 at that) and my brothers and sisters were 6, 4 and 2 respectively. They weren't causing the disturbances and neither was I. Once, we found my brother shoes outside. That doesn't sound very unusual except, I was the first up every morning at 5:30 am to catch the school bus.

No one left the house before me. I purposely lined all our shoes up at the end of the bed each night. This morning, when I walked outside, my little brothers size 6 child shoes were freshly wet and covered with mud with little foot steps leading to the front door.

I didn't do it, the kids were still sound asleep and let me note to go outside I had to climb up on a stool and reach the top deadbolt which stuck in place no matter how often oiled and turn with all my might.

The little ones didn't do it. Things came to a head with the angrier entities when I was “slimed” one evening while I was sleeping.

I woke up covered in a greenish-grey fluid which covered my arm and face which had been exposed from under the blankets. Now all this would seem to be another made up ghost story if not for the fact that my mother called in a team of parapsychologist from U.T.A. college to investigate. the entities were captured on film and by EVP by these fellows during a Séance.

Still photo's were taken and are archived in the main research facility at the college. A few facts were discovered about the site the house was on. Originally this site had been a two story weigh station for the stagecoach and pony express. The area the house was located in was 3 hours ride by horse to Ft. Worth, Texas. From there the stage traveled upward and into Paris, Texas or over and to the right to Louisiana.

One of the tragedies associated with the old building was the death of a captains wife (captain in the confederate army) who waited for three years at the station for word of her husband. He has told her to stay there where it was safe and she had family.

After receiving news of his death she threw herself off the outside porch of the second floor and broke her neck. We believed this was the weeping woman in black who would climb an imaginary set of stairs above my brothers bed and then would proceed to make footsteps be heard pacing the floor above (BTW we lived in a one story house)

The experts also suggested that the reason we had so many one time visitors to the house was that we had a “gate” or “slip” in the back room where spirits would pass from point A to point B on their journeys.

As for the four more malicious entities..We were never sure where they came from. They were there as long as we were and I guess they still are. The house has changed owners three or four times since the early 80s when we owned it and each owner has repainted the outside, trying to give it a new look. I sometimes wonder if the place still dances with the spirits or if they just came at that time due to having a fully trained medium, a just adolescent medium and three little kids in the house all at once. So that's my story and I am sticking to it.

* Note from Occult World: We have changed the spelling-mistakes in this story….