Palmer, Raymond A.

Raymond A.Palmer (1910–1977) During the 1950s editor and author Raymond A. Palmer was responsible for numerous stories related to paranormal phenomena and was a leading proponent of the hollow-Earth theory. Palmer’s involvement with this theory began in the mid1940s, while he was working as the editor of Amazing Stories magazine. At that time Palmer was contacted by a reader, Richard Shaver, who claimed to have ventured into the hollow-Earth realm and met its inhabitants. Shaver described three types of hollow-Earth beings: the Titans, technologically advanced giants who had lived on Earth’s surface until radiation forced them underground; the Deros, evil creatures whom the Titans had created through genetic engineering; and the Teros, heroic beings who, though small in number, were trying to destroy the evil Deros. According to Shaver, the human race was also the product of the Titans’ genetic engineering.

Palmer published many tales based on Shaver’s supposed adventures in the hollow-Earth realm. His work appeared not only in Amazing Stories but in its sister publication, Fantastic Adventures, as well. (Shaver’s name was on these stories, but they were actually ghostwritten by Palmer.) The first of these stories, “I Remember Lemuria,” appeared in Amazing Stories in 1945. By 1948, however, Palmer’s tales had become so lurid, by focusing on the sadistic sexual practices of the Deros, that magazine readers complained about them, and in 1948 both Amazing Stories and Fantastic Adventures refused to publish any more of them. As a result, Palmer established Fate magazine, with Curtis Fuller, and shortly thereafter Flying Saucers and Mystic (which later became Search) magazines, in order to have other venues for his Shaver stories. In 1961 Palmer also created the Hidden World, a magazine devoted to hollow-Earth stories, both new and reprinted.

Palmer is also known for his association with Kenneth Arnold, a pilot whose 1947 sighting of “flying saucers” triggered a rash of similar sightings throughout America. The first issue of Fate included an article on Arnold’s experience, and in 1952 Palmer and Arnold coauthored and self-published a book about it, The Coming of the Saucers.



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