Reborn but Still Remember – Ghost Story

A baby girl was born to a young couple in Taiping, a small town in Perak, Malaysia some years back. As the couple were taking the new-born baby back home from the hospital, they met with an accident. Unfortunately, although the couple survived, their precious baby was killed in that tragic accident.

They baby's death was a great distress to the young couple and they decided to move down to Johor. A couple of years later they had another baby girl. When the baby was about 4 years old, the family took a holiday back to their hometown. As they were getting into Taiping, they drove passed the same road where they had lost their first baby.

Suddenly, their daughter asked, “Mommy, did I meet with an accident here some years back?”

The couple got the shocked of their lives but they tried to ignore the question until today.

By Lynn Victoria

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