Sane Occultism – Dion Fortune

Sane Occultism - Dion FortuneContents –

  • I. What Is Occultism?
  • II. Is Occultism Worth While?
  • III. The Deeper Issues Of Occultism.
  • IV. Credulity In Occult Research
  • V. Meditation And Psychism
  • VI. The Use And Abuse Of Astrology
  • VII. Records Of Past Lives
  • VIII. Numerology And Prophecy
  • IX. Group Karma In Occult Societies
  • X. Authority And Obedience In Occultism
  • XI. Secrecy In Occult Fraternities
  • XII. The Left-Hand Path
  • XIII. Occultism And Immorality
  • XIV. Psychic Pathologies
  • XV. Mental Trespassing
  • XVI. Occultism And Vegetarianism
  • XVII. Eastern Methods And Western Bodies
  • XVIII. Standards Of Judgment
  • XIX. The Ideals Of Occultism

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