Seven African Powers

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Seven African Powers

The specific orishas who are most involved in human everyday matters may be invoked together as a group known as the Seven African Powers. By petitioning these orishas en masse rather than individually, one is assured that all bases are covered. The Seven African Powers provide all Earth’s potential blessings and protections.

1. Eshu Elegbara (a.k.a. Elegba, Ellegua, Legba)

2. Ogun

3. Obatala

4. Yemaya

5. Oshun

6. Shango

7. Orunmila, Oya, or Ochossi

Seven African Powers
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Because the magic number seven cannot be changed, a new orisha cannot be added unless another is removed. Orunmila is the traditional seventh African Power but over the years he has become less popular than Oya and Ochossi. Either of the two is now frequently substituted for him.






Commercially produced Seven African Powers products (incense, candles, soap, and so forth) frequently depict them in the guise of the Catholic saints to which they are syncretized.


  • Eight Immortals
  • Shichi Fukujin

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