Shadow Magick Compendium: Exploring Darker Aspects of Magickal Spirituality – Raven Digitalis

Shadow Magick Compendium: Exploring Darker Aspects of Magickal Spirituality - Raven DigitalisEmbracing the darkness is part of divine balance.

Everyone has a shadow, a dark side. Exploring the shadow self is not only safe, it’s necessary for balance and healing. The author of Goth Craft invites you down a unique magical path for navigating inner and outer darkness and harnessing the shadow for spiritual growth.

Shadow Magick Compendium sheds a positive light on this misunderstood and rarely discussed side of magical practice. There are ritual meditations for exploring past experiences, dispelling harmful behaviour patterns, and healing a fractured soul. Learn how to safely fast and perform other methods of self-sacrifice, invoke a deity into yourself (godform assumption), get in touch with your Spirit Animal, take advantage of the Dark Moon and eclipses, and perform a unique ritual with your television for a new perspective on society. From astral journeys to sigils to dark herbs, you’ll find an array of magical techniques to navigate the shadows and mysteries of yourself and the world at large.

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Shadow Magick Compendium: Exploring Darker Aspects of Magickal Spirituality - Raven Digitalis

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