Shallcrass, Philip “Greywolf”

Shallcrass, Philip “Greywolf” – British Druid and former joint-chief of the British Druid Order. Shallcrass is discussed by Robert Wallis as a neo-shaman engaging with ancient historic and archaeological sources, which may hint at ancient British shamanisms, in order to reconstruct and inspire contemporary shamanic Druidry. Shallcrass describes how wolf spirit helpers and other other-than-human persons guide his practice, but while he has worked with Native Americans, he was prompted by them to explore the shamanic heritage of Great Britain. The descriptions of Awenyddion by Gerald of Wales mark one example of an ancient practice which Shallcrass argues may be shamanic and may, like seidr for Heathens, be reconstructed for contemporary practitioners.


Historical Dictionary of Shamanism by Graham Harvey and Robert J. Wallis 2007


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