Supernatural Grandmother

When I was eight my family moved into a brand new house in Central Alabama.The night that we moved in we were sitting downstairs on the floor in the kitchen (we had not yet moved in our furniture) and all of a sudden the toilet lid from the upstairs bathroom slammed down and the toilet flushed itself. We all just stopped eating and looked at each other as the room grew cold.

Of course, being eight at the time I started crying because I knew something was wrong. Well my parents room was in the basement and us kids were upstairs (it was kind of a three level house). One night ,not long after we moved in, we were all in bed when I heard the hallway creaking like someone was walking down the hall. I ran downstairs to tell my mother and she assured me that it was a new house and it was just settling (I think all parents say that). Anyway, the next night the same thing happened and I was lying in my bed looking out into the hallway when I saw an old frail woman walking slowly down our hall. She had like a mu mu (duster) on with a robe on top of it. My brother across the hall had seen her and he sat up in bed and screamed. My mom came running upstairs and turned on the hall light. When she did,the woman disappeared. We told my mom what we had seen and she told us that at the same time downstairs she had seen a glowing green hand on her ceiling. The old woman walked our halls for months,after a while she didn't scare me anymore and the family got used to her being there seeing as how she never hurt anybody.

Months later the people that sold us the property to build the house on came by to see how we were doing. We told them of our old woman and they told us that the property used to belong to an old lady that lived by herself. One day her house caught on fire and she couldn't get out so she was burned alive. We all felt really bad for the woman that had become like one of the family. Not long after she just suddenly stopped visiting. We all missed her in a way. We kids used to go in the backyard with little shovels and we would dig up old timely blue glass bottles that were used for medicines etc. Some of the things that we dug, like pill cases, were charred but we recovered a lot of complete items that were not ruined.

I'll never forget her.

Submitted by: April Webster