Taking Power: Claiming Our Divinity Through Magick – Stephen Mace

Taking Power: Claiming Our Divinity Through Magick - Stephen MaceBefore the Beginning, there was a Blue Hum: infinite, omnipotent, and very, very bored. So for its own amusement, it became the Universe, infiltrated it with living consciousness, and now enjoys the ongoing interaction from every possible perspective. We are eyes of God, together with every cat and rat, frog and fly, and through us God’s omniscience is assured. But by participating in this consciousness, we share its energy, and thus its power. So magick is simply a question of learning how to exploit our access, and how best to regard the possibilities we thus discover. Psychic energy is a separate stuff which, though it has its usual origin in living tissue, may act independently of it to spawn events consistent with its character. Magick is a psychic technology, a set of techniques and an attitude that enable the practitioner to manipulate psychic energy so it generates reality in accordance with his or her will. Taking Power offers a dynamic understanding of this technique, and a vivid grasp of the attitude. From astral projection, the binding of spirits, power spots and the subtle body to the Holy Guardian Angel and magickal ethics, Stephen Mace presents it all in terms of the dynamics of psychic energy, without regard for any symbolic orientation. Thus the dynamics may be applied to any orientation, or to no orientation at all, so long as one’s ideology admits to one’s right to deal with reality in this way—with the obligations and the privileges of the Creator.

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Taking Power: Claiming Our Divinity Through Magick - Stephen Mace


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