The Trip! – Ghost Story

submitted by StarWcher

~ “Amargosa is great! It is truly an experience. On the night of Fri. the 13th (:-) we arrived …. It was soooo cold, and there was no one staying in the hotel (Amargosa Valley Hotel) except for us. Our room was so cold, so I went to another room that ******* had found keys for. While I was warming up in that room with a better heater, ****** said my side of the bed shook and he watched as the pillow moved. In the room I was in, I heard a loud noise from the bathroom. ****** was also hit in the head by a black ball that vanished. We were both peering in a window and he saw a reflection of a strange black ball coming at him, he turned and it hit his ear. It hurt a little ….. We ruled it out being a bug because there were no bugs to bee seen., especially none that big, an it made no noise. ****** kept a keen eye and it simply vanished!” ~

Advice from the storyteller: Not a good idea to shower at the Amargosa Valley Opera House/Hotel! Never know what may bump into you!

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