Angels of Wrath: Wield the Magick of Darkness with the Power of Light – Gordon Winterfield

Angels of WrathThis is not a book of casual curses, but a book of peace and justice. Angels are powerful beings that can be called to work great and wrathful wonders. If your sincere intent is to cause harm, confusion or disruption, the angels will comply.

This book has not been written for those who seek spiritual enlightenment (although that may well arise from your work), but for those who seek results. Should you have any fear that this work is evil or an abuse of angelic contact, then read no further. This book is for those who have sensed the might of angels and wish to turn their power to deeds that many would believe to be dark.

Far from being the delightful creatures of peace found in New Age artwork, angels are spiritual beings of immense strength, and this strength can manifest as wrath. Whether you are new to magick or quite experienced, this book will introduce you to a lesser-known group of angels. When called in various combinations, these angels have the power to cause devastation to your enemies. Such workings are as powerful as a curse, and often more targeted and cunning.

There are twenty-nine powers to be revealed.

The angels can bind, destroy defenses, remove wealth and destroy a business, while rendering your victim too weak to respond and unable to see what you are doing.

You will have the power to silence and confuse, bringing illness and insomnia to those who trouble your life.

For more severe enemies, you can bring the wrath of judgment upon them, and remove their ability to find spiritual sanctuary.

You can produce hatred between those you name, while causing anxiety, dark moods and memory loss, with confusion of the heart and mind.

There is a ritual to prevent your enemies from working magick.

This angelic magick will only work if you are sincere in your intentions. It cannot be used to instigate casual cruelty. This is not a book of evil to delight the wicked, but a book of harmony. If you have been wronged, this book gives you the power to restore your personal peace.

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