Pierre Aupetit

Aupetit, Pierre
(d. 1598)
French priest executed on charges of sorcery and trafficking with the Devil. Pierre Aupetit, who lived in Fossas, Limousin, was 50 years old when he was arrested and tried. He was tortured and on the rack and confessed.
Aupetit said that he had attended Sabbats, where witches had kissed the anus of the Devil, who was in the shape of a black sheep. Aupetit had read from a book of spells. He had been given a Familiar, the Demon Beelzebub, and had the Demon’s little finger. Beelzebub had taught him how to procure the love of any woman or girl of his choosing.
Aupetit also said he had been taught the arts of sorcery by a known sorcerer named Crapouplet, who showed him how to staunch the flow of Blood and how to use levers. Aupetit was burned on May 25, 1598.

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