Cabeiro, mother of the Cabeiri, was venerated in Northern Aegean Mystery traditions. Surviving myth suggests that she was a local Nymph, daughter of the sea, who married Hephaestus. Cabeiro may or may not be the same spirit as the Nymph Kapheira, also a daughter of the sea. According to one myth, Kronos did not swallow baby Poseidon. Instead Rhea rescued him, hiding him in a cave on the island of Rhodes, where Kapheira served as his guardian and wet nurse. When the Hellenic Greeks arrived in the Northern Aegean, they identified Cabeiro with

Aphrodite, Demeter, Hekate, and Rhea. These goddesses are very different from each other, indicating that Cabeiro was multifaceted and not easy to pigeonhole.

Also known as:

Kabeiro; Kabira

See Also:

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