Distressed Mother

Once there was this widow who had two children – a boy and a girl. Her son was seven years old and in a peewee league, and he was playing baseball in a park one day. The woman took her 6-month old baby girl to the park and watched her son playing in a game.

Soon, the game ended and the son's team lost the game at a close margin. She went over to greet her son and told him how well he had played. However, when she turned around to her baby girl, the baby pram was empty. She got panic and started screaming and crying while running up and down searching for her daughter.

She called the cops and they searched late into the night, but found nothing. The woman was heart broken, she was so unstable. She committed suicide soon after that. Her son dissappeared years later and nobody knew what happened to the baby girl until this very day.

Now, in that same park up in Pennsylvania, some claimed to have spotted a young woman walking on the trails late at night crying and screaming while others heard a baby crying from under a bridge nearby. Although people have looked, no one has ever found anything.

By Angel of Pennsylvania



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