Isaac de Aueiran

Isaac de Aueiran (d. 1609) was a young Frenchman executed for Witchcraft and having a Pact with the Devil. Isaac de Aueiran confessed at his trial that he was 10 or 12 years in age when he was introduced to the Devil. He went to a neighbor’s house for fire and was asked by the woman who lived there whether he wanted to see “the grand master of sabbats.” He agreed and found himself carried through the air to a distant place, where a Sabbat was in progress and men and women were shouting and dancing.

A big black man—the Devil—walked up to him, hit him on the shoulder, and urged him to stay. At the same time, the man made a Devil’S MARK upon his hand. One day the black man appeared and took him back to a sabbat, where he ate and danced with the others. De Aueiran was arrested and tried in Bordeaux and was executed by burning on May 8, 1609.



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