Lost 90 Minutes in Wales- Ghost Story

In winter 1992 I was travelling home after a gig at Holyhead in Angelsey along the A5. It was a night club called Cagneys as far as I remember. Anyway it was very late, between 2 and 3AM in the morning and we had been travelling about 30 min.

(I don't know whether of not your familiar with that road but it is the main route across Angelsey and to the Holyhead to Dublin Ferry. It can get very busy in the daytime but of a night its absolutely dead, it just goes on and on without end and its almost completely unlit.)

Anyway as I said we had been on the road about 30 minutes and getting prepared to cross the Menai bridge to the mainland. Only the Menai bridge never came… the next thing we knew we were on the A55 heading into Llandudno. We had some way completely missed the bridge..impossible. I looked at my watch and we had lost about 90 minutes!

Don't forget, there was two of us in the car and we were very experienced at travelling long distances at night. I still keep in contact with the guy I was in the band with then and we speak about this often.

I have been back along that road several times since 1992 and nothing like this ever happened again.

The post script to this story is that I was sick as a dog the following day..so sick that I passed out in the dressing room before the gig. Something I've never done in any capacity before of since.

Another true story

This story was related to me by e-mail from Paul.



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