Medicine Eagle, Brooke

Brooke Medicine Eagle
Brooke Medicine Eagle (1943– ) Also known as Brooke Edwards. Métis (i.e., of Anglo and Native American parentage) author and popularizer of a version of neo-shamanism. Medicine Eagle is described as a “global earthkeeper” who “prepares us for that ‘golden age’ when we will live in harmony and grace upon a renewed earth.” Her website defines a “true shaman” as “one who holds the golden dream in her heart until it comes true on Mother Earth.” She anticipates a “new time” of harmony, cooperation, respectfulness, and good relationships that will replace the “passing time” of division and discord. In this, she blends leitmotivs typical of indigenous discourse (e.g., “respect”) with those of New Age (e.g., the “essential self” and a Westernized version of Feng Shui). Medicine Eagle was named in the 1984 resolution of the American Indian Movement against those considered disrespectful and exploitative of sacred ceremonies (especially sweat lodges and vision quests) and of the clients they charge to participate. Native American groups and websites such as “Gohiyuhi/Respect” and the Center for SPIRIT cite her as a “fraud” and unlikely to be enrolled as a member of the Crow Nation.


Historical Dictionary of Shamanism by Graham Harvey and Robert J. Wallis 2007


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