The Quantum Magician Enhancing Your Magick With A Parallel Life – Baal Kadmon

The Quantum Magician Enhancing Your Magick With A Parallel Life - Baal KadmonThis book is an experiment and you and I are the test subjects. I have used this technique several times and found it quite effective and increasingly more interesting as I delve deeper into it. Now, I am introducing it to you. Nothing like this has been written to date. These concepts have never been melded in such a way before. In this book we will be experimenting with a phenomenon called quantum jumping. You have probably heard of this before and yes, some elements of quantum jumping will be in this book but that is where the commonalities end. In this book we will be performing magick but not in the way I have explained in my 19 other books.

In this book we will be performing magick to influence our lives today but performing your ritual in a parallel universe. You will find your magician doppelgänger whose magick is always effective and you will meld with him or her. I know this sounds absolutely outlandish and in many ways it is. Despite the oddness of it, It is truly revolutionary. If you do not gain benefit you can always return this book to Amazon. One thing is for certain, you will experience magick in a brand new way, you will experience magick on a new level, you will experience magick like you never have before. Let us explore your quantum magician.

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The Quantum Magician Enhancing Your Magick With A Parallel Life - Baal Kadmon

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