Room 209

Eight years ago (back in 2000) my mother had an operation and was confined in the hospital, staying on the second floor, Room 209. Our family doctor didn’t want us to stay in that room but we had no choice because it was the only room available. The first night of our stay, at 9:45 p.m. the doorknob kept turning, as if someone was twisting if like a screw. Slowly at first but then it kept going faster and faster until it finally popped out.
The door slowly opened and a gust of wind breezed into our room, leaving the door open. Nobody was outside. On the second night of our stay, at around 9:30 p.m. we were getting ready for bed when we heard a child’s cry coming from the bathroom. Our helper searched the bathroom but found no one. But when she looked in the mirror she saw a reflection of a child’s face in the window, dripping with blood. When she looked at the window, the face was gone but the sound of a child’s laughter filled the whole room.

The next morning , our family doctor conducted her daily rounds, We told her what happened last night and we requested a transfer to another room . She wasn’t shocked or surprised by our request. She told us that she, had a similar experience when she was confined to this room. She was reading the Bible at around 10 P.M. when the bathroom door slowly opened.

A group of hooded people in black clothing paraded in front of her, floating in midair. They were all looking at her, some with faces you could barely make out and some without any faces at all. They were carrying a large black coffin and the guy in front was carrying a big black cross. They stopped as the coffin creaked open and a women in white jumped out. She had a mass of black hair that covered her whole face but a pair of red eyes shone through the thick tresses. Our doctor maintained her courage and kept praying the Apostle’s Creed over and over.

The hooded people continued their parade, passing through the closed window, leaving the doctor open-mouthed with the Bible still clutched in her hands. When our family doctor left the room, she sent in a pregnant nurse to check my mother’s temperature. Our helper liked to gossip so she told the nurse what happened to us and to our family doctor. The nurse also shared with us similar experiences that happened and to our family doctor. The nurse also shared with us similar experiences that happened to other patients who were confined in this room.

According to her, an old man was confined in this room last year because of bronchitis. His watcher went down to eat lunch in the cafeteria, leaving the old man alone. Just as the old man was drifting off to sleep, the bathroom door opened and a couple wearing old, dusty wedding clothes came out. They were carrying a red pillow in their hands and suffocated the helpless old man with it. When his watcher returned, he saw the old man dead, his face already a shade of blue.

Back in the late 90’s a pregnant nurse aborted her baby in the bathroom of this very room. Maybe she felt guilty so she jumped out the window. Her body was found in the parking area the next morning. A Nurse in this hospital says that her soul still wanders around the hospital grounds. Maybe the child that our helper saw yesterday was the spirit of her baby, jealous that he was deprived of the right to live. “But how do you know all this?” I asked the pregnant nurse. “Oh, I have my sources,” she replied with a wink As she left the room, we saw a trickle of blood run down her leg.

Out of curiosity I asked our helper, “How did she know the story of that old man when he did not live to tell it? Could it be….?”

Story by : True Philippine Horror Stories



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