Who is Paulette Boyd

Hi! I'm little debo, and welcome to my home page. ( This was a website from geocities: https://www.geocities.com

/area51/shire/2622/main.htm )

Actually, my name is Paulette Boyd, and hail from Honaker, Virginia.

For those of you who are not familiar with this thriving metropolis, it is a very small community in Southwest Virginia, bearing the prestige and title “Redbud Capitol of the World”.(Grin)

I live in a huge old farmhouse, built over 100 years ago, and, believe it or not, sports its own ghost!! (Any wonder I have a collection of hometown ghost stories?)

I'm thirty-somethingish, and the only unmarried sibling of the five in my family. (Which, according to a great-uncle of mine, has left me “dancin' in the hog trough alone”.) I work as a payroll clerk/office manager at a locally owned garment manufacturing plant. My family has a long, rich history, with ancestors that can be traced back to both Scotland and England.

To me, there is something very compelling about our natural and cultural heritage here in the Appalachian Mountains. There is also a great deal of natural beauty. My fondest childhood memories are those that relate to long summer days, swimming in the Clinch River, cool autumn evenings,just right for a bonfire and roasting marshmallows, and the heavy, tree bending snows of December and January. (Not to mention school being cancelled!} I am, for what it is worth, simply a product of my surroundings, and Debo's Cafe is, in essence, a refection of a bit of my life and interests.

Anyway, please be patient with me as I get this page up and running.

It's my first, and I'm learning as I go.


little debo

© Paulette Boyd

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