Anapiel YHVH

Anapiel YHVH (Anafiel, Anaphiel, Anpiel) Angel associated with the prophet ENOCH and the angel METATRON. Anapiel means “branch of God.” In the MERKABAH, Anapiel is one of the eight great angels and is named as the PRINCE of water and the chief SEAL bearer. He keeps the keys of the seven palaces in Arabot, the seventh HEAVEN. In 3 ENOCH, Anapiel YHVH is one of the angels identified as the one who carries Enoch to heaven. He is called “the honored, glorified, beloved, wonderful, terrible and dreadful Prince” (16:7). He is chosen by God to punish Metatron on one occasion with a flogging of 60 lashes. Metatron says that Anapiel is so named because his majesty, glory, crown, brilliance, and splendor overshadow all the chambers of Arabot in the same way that God’s majesty veils the heavens and fills the Earth with his glory. Anapiel bows down to Soterasiel.

From : Encyclopedia of Angels by Rosemary Guiley



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