Poltergeist Over England: 3 Centuries of Mischievous Ghosts – Harry Price

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Poltergeist Over England: 3 Centuries of Mischievous Ghosts - Harry PriceA classic study of the paranormal world’s mischievous entities—and the havoc they wreak—from one of the world’s first ghost hunters and psi-researchers.

This extensive study of poltergeist phenomena covers many historical cases researched from Harry Price’s own extensive occult library, including the Tedworth Drummer, Hinton Ampner, Willington Mill and the Bealings Bells. It also features cases with which Price had personal involvement, namely Stella C, Eleonore Zungun, the Battersea poltergeist house, and Borley Rectory, “the most haunted house in England.”

Harry Price begins by introducing readers to poltergeists, explaining what poltergeists actually are, their historical background, and what they do, before discussing specific poltergeist cases.

With 12 photographs and accompanying explanatory commentaries, showing various places of poltergeist sightings, as well as a photograph of a poltergeist subject, this ebook will leave you full of knowledge and intrigue surrounding poltergeist phenomena.

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