Who are the Black Eyed People (BEKs)?

Black Eyed Kids
Black Eyed Kids

Who are the Black Eyed People (BEKs)? Sometimes you hear a knock at your door or your window. A child asks to come in or asks for a lift. Sometimes they just appear behind you or you find them waiting for you. Children, wanting help, a ride, or you to follow them. They travel in groups of two or three but one does the speaking… a monotone, emotionless, hypnotic voice. Then you catch sight of their face and their eyes. Those jet black eyes with no hint of white. Dread overtakes you and you feel you're in mortal danger. Who are they? What do they REALLY want? These are the Black Eyed Kids… Sometimes they appear as children, usually pre-teen, but generally lacking any other characteristics of age or time. However, in no way does the description end there. Some dress in hoodies, some in out-dated dresses, and some in generic modern clothes. Some are adults that are dressed in business clothes, or casual wear to hit the stores. They appear seemingly out of nowhere, knocking on your door or appearing next to you by your car. Sometimes you feel someone staring at you and you look up to find jet black eyes locked on you. They always want something from you. They want a ride, to use your telephone, to be invited into your space or for you to go with them. If you refuse, they grow more insistent. When your retreat to your car or the safety of your house, a small bit of a sense of security returns slowly. Sometimes they vanish into thin air. Sometimes they run away at an impossibly fast pace. Sometimes they vanish into thin air. Sometimes, if you’re not lucky enough to have a house or car to hide in, they chase after you… Finally the question is asked, “What is their purpose?” One thing is for certain, the personalities and intentions of the black-eyed people are just as varied as any one of the six billion people populating this planet. Those who have witnessed these black-eyed people have no doubt of the evil soul-wrenching potential of these beings. I don’t know for sure what these things are, but I hope that through the stories I will receive, read, compile and upload will help me figure out if they are a type of inter-dimensional beings, or extra-terrestrial from another planet. One can only hope that serious research into this paranormal (or psychological) genre will paint a clearer understanding of the nature and make-up of these dark mysterious ‘people’. That day has not yet come. Until then, this site hopes to bring together hundreds of witnesses who took the time and energy to detail their experiences in order to help us develop some kind of consensus about of the very strange nature of black-eyed people. You are encouraged to sift and read through them to come to your own conclusions.

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